Procedures offered include: otoplasty (ear reshaping), earlobe repair, and ear reconstruction.

Otoplasty (Ear Reshaping)

Some children and adults were born with ears that are either misshapen or prominent. For children this can be challenging in school as they may be teased by others. For adults, having prominent ears can affect self-confidence or may simply be bothersome. During a consultation, the cause of the prominent ear is identified as to whether there is too much cartilage or improperly developed cartilage. Depending on the cause of the concern, the corrective procedure may include excision of the excess cartilage, or suture techniques to reshape the cartilage. These procedures may be done under general anesthesia (generally for children) or with sedation (generally for adults). The plan for repair can be developed during your consultation with Dr. Sand.

Earlobe Repair (Gauge Ear Repair)

The earlobe can be stretched and formed around gauge style earrings and often can result in a deformity that some patients would like to be corrected. The earlobe can also be damaged from a earring that inadvertently tears the earlobe. Dr. Sand can correct these types of concerns with a short office procedure.

Ear Reconstruction

Portions of the ear can be damaged during trauma or from cancer excision. Dr. Sand utilizes a variety of surgical techniques to help restore the injured ear to its previous form. The technique depends on the extent of injury and the plan will be developed during your consultation.

Most Common FAQs

A: There are several factors that go into case of ear reshaping. In some cases, insurance may pay for a portion of the cost. After your consultation with Dr. Sand, you’ll receive a quote for the cost of the procedure.
A: For children general anesthesia is typically needed. In the adult population a light sedation with local anesthesia is generally well tolerated. Dr. Sand will discuss the options for anesthesia during your consultation.