Procedures offered at our clinic in Spokane: facelift, deep plane facelift, mini-facelift, revision facelift, necklift, cheeklift, neck liposuction, chin augmentation, and nonsurgical (liquid) facelift.

Facelift in Spokane

The goal of a facelift procedure is to achieve a rejuvenated and natural facial appearance. As individuals age, the facial tissues relax, stretch, and droop resulting in the characteristic tired, sad and aged look. Facelift procedures seek to reverse these anatomic changes through removal of excess fat and skin, tightening of underlying facial structures, and smoothing of the overlying skin. Individual aspects of the face can be addressed or multiple procedures can be combined to provide full facial rejuvenation. Dr. Sand can discuss with you the merits of each procedure for your face and neck and help you make an informed decision about which combination will best help you reach your aesthetic goals.

Deep Plane Facelift

Dr. Sand performs an advanced technique called a ‘deep plane facelift’, utilized by only a few skilled surgeons throughout the country. This type of facelift provides a natural, restorative, and long-lasting result. The procedure, however, is technically challenging and requires the advanced training that Dr. Sand has completed. During this procedure, Dr. Sand makes cosmetic incisions around the ear that heal with minimal visible scarring. The facial tissues are elevated in an anatomically natural plane and excess fat and skin are removed. The facial tissues are then re-draped and secured in location to restore your natural youthful facial contours. The procedure is typically completed on an outpatient basis, although overnight accommodations can be arranged. Surgical time and recovery will vary depending on the procedures performed and also on the patient.


For some patients with minimal signs of aging, a full deep plane facelift may not be necessary. Dr. Sand is also expertly trained in performing mini-facelift techniques, which can provide excellent results with much reduced downtime. During your consultation with Dr. Sand, he can discuss the available options to help you reach your aesthetic goals. The procedure is typically completed on an outpatient basis, although overnight accommodations can be arranged. Surgical time and recovery will vary depending on the procedures performed and also on the patient.

Revision Facelift

After a facelift, patients will continue to experience the effects of aging and may decide that they are interested in pursuing a tightening or revision of their previous surgery. This procedure can be complex and both expert hands and techniques are needed to navigate these issues. Dr. Sand has expertise in revision facelift techniques and can discuss options to help you reach your aesthetic goals during your consultation.


Excess skin or fat in the neck, banding of the neck skin, and loosening of the neck tissues are all signs of aging and can be addressed during a necklift. Dr. Sand uses advanced techniques to help excise excess skin, fat or muscle while tightening the underlying neck structures to restore a natural, youthful neck contour. This procedure is often combined with a facelift to provide an overall rejuvenation to the face and neck.


As we age, the cheek tissue ligaments weaken resulting in descent of the cheek tissues, hollowing of the under-eye area, and loss of facial definition. The result is a characteristic tired, aged appearance that can be addressed with a cheeklift. Dr. Sand has expertise in mid-facial aging and can help address this area with a variety of treatments to restore youthful contours and reduce the tired, aged look.

Neck Liposuction

Excess fatty tissues under the chin (‘double chin’) can be addressed by removal of the fat to help restore a youthful neck contour. This is completed through a very small incision under the chin with a liposuction cannula. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia.

Chin Augmentation

In some patients, inadequate chin projection can affect both their nasal appearance and neck contour. Placement of a chin implant can serve to improve both nasal and neck line appearance. Implants can be put in under local anesthesia and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can also be easily removed at any point. Dr. Sand utilizes computer-imaging systems that can help you visualize the impact of chin augmentation.

Nonsurgical (Liquid) Facelift

A variety of nonsurgical ‘facelift’ options are available which are effective at helping patients meet their aesthetic goals. A nonsurgical facelift may include Botox®, dermal fillers such as Restylane® or Juvederm®, platelet-rich plasma, or absorbable suture techniques such as Instalift®. Most results can be seen immediately with minimal downtime (i.e. ‘lunchtime’ facelift). Dr. Sand can discuss these powerful options with you during your consultation.

Most Common FAQs

A: Dr. Sand can discuss the benefits of a facelift for your unique situation during your consultation. Additionally Dr. Sand has pre- and post-operative photographs demonstrating his results available in the website gallery.

A: There are numerous factors that go into the cost of the procedure. This will depend on the amount of work to be done, if it is a revision procedure, and the combination of procedures performed. Anesthesia and facility fees are also a component of the total cost. It is difficult to provide a precise procedural cost without an office examination and discussion of the procedures to be performed. After your consultation with Dr. Sand, you will be provided with a quote for the cost of the procedure. Facial rejuvenation procedures are not covered by insurance.

A: A facelift can be performed under a variety of anesthesia types. This may include local anesthesia, twilight anesthesia, or general anesthesia with the assistance of an anesthesiologist. Dr. Sand will discuss anesthesia options with you during your consultation and help you choose which option that you are most comfortable with.