Dr. Sand is Spokane/Coeur d’Alene’s premier and exclusive provider of the groundbreaking FaceTite/BodyTite technology.

What is FaceTite/BodyTite?

FaceTite/BodyTite provides a dramatic improvement in skin laxity of the face and neck, previously only attainable through a surgical procedure such as a facelift or necklift. In this minimally invasive procedure, a wand equipped with radio-frequency energy is inserted under the skin to melt deeper fat and tighten the skin on top.

FaceTite handpiece heating the subcutaneous tissues while the surface probe monitors temperatures.

What are the benefits to FaceTite/BodyTite?

FaceTite/BodyTite provides a non-excisional, scar-free, minimally invasive skin-tightening and fat destroying treatment. Up to 40% skin contraction is observed in clinical studies of the FaceTite/BodyTite platform. This technology allows for a uniform treatment with consistent results. It also results in less bruising, swelling, pain and downtime with an improved safety profile to excisional surgical procedures.

FaceTIte for neck and lower face; restoration of jawline without need for facelift scars (results may vary).

What areas can be treated with FaceTite/BodyTite?

Any area on the face and neck with loose or sagging skin can be treated. This includes the double chin, jowling along the jawline and areas of deep lines or loose skin. Other areas of the body can also selectively be treated.

How is this treatment better than a facelift?

By avoiding the facelift excisional procedure, a patient will be without facelift scars and benefit from reduced post-operative swelling and discomfort. There is less trauma induced to the skin and underlying tissues with this treatment, keeping downtime to a minimum. For the patient searching for a natural-looking rejuvenation result and does not desire a dramatic surgery, this is a perfect solution.

FaceTite procedure can be performed for both men and women (results may vary).

What type of post-procedure care is required?

FaceTite/BodyTite is a minimally-invasive procedure performed under local anesthesia or light sedation. Post-procedure, a patient can go home and resume regular activities shortly thereafter. A compression garment is required for the best result.

How quickly will I see results and how many treatments are needed?

Only one treatment is needed and results can be seen immediately. Best results are seen after 6-12 weeks.

FaceTIte for neck and lower face; minimal downtime with an impressive result (results may vary).

Is this treatment safe?

All procedures include risk, but built-in safeguards to the FaceTite/BodyTite platform assure high safety levels. FaceTite/BodyTite’s proprietary technology includes the regulation of skin temperature, impedance levels, energy monitoring and cut-off levels.

How does FaceTite/BodyTite work?

The FaceTite/BodyTite device is based on radiofrequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL) by coagulation of soft tissue. The procedure is accomplished by inserting an RFAL wand under the skin through a 16-guage access port. The wand coagulates subcutaneous fat while heating the skin’s fibrous septae and papillary dermis. This results in both fat loss and significant collagen contraction. During the treatment, electrical current is passed from the tip of the wand directly to the external electrode placed on the skin surface. Energy is then deposited in this treatment zone. This process creates an optimal temperature gradient between the cannula and the skin surface while the temperature is monitored at both ends. Uniform heating of the desired skin area during the surgical technique results in the fat coagulation and skin contraction. Additionally, the wand is built with several safety features mentioned above to help to reduce risk of skin damage.

FaceTite/BodyTite Treatment Animation

Most Common FAQs

A: For patients with skin laxity and excess fatty tissues, FaceTite is an excellent option for both skin tightening and fat destruction. Candidate patients can be in their 20-30’s up to their 60-70’s. During your complementary consultation with Dr. Sand, he can discuss treatment options for your areas of concern.

A: There are several factors that go into the cost of the procedure. This will depend on the areas to be treated and the combination of procedures performed. FaceTite is generally performed with local anesthesia or light sedation in a clinic setting, therefore fees for anesthesia and the surgical facility are typically not required. After your consultation with Dr. Sand, you will be provided with a quote for the cost of the procedure.

A: Facetite is typically performed with local anesthesia or with light sedation. Dr. Sand will discuss anesthesia options with you during your consultation and help you choose which option that you are most comfortable with.