Recovery from nasal surgery can depend on the type of surgery performed. Typically, a nasal cast, sutures and possibly nasal splints are usually placed during surgery and then removed at 6-7 days post-operatively. Nasal packing is rarely, if ever, used. Most patients are able to breath through their nose immediately following surgery, and often better than before. In general, one should expect 7-10 days of bruising following nasal surgery. Swelling following surgery can last for weeks to months and does require patience during the healing process to achieve the final product. Depending on the extent of the surgery, and whether a closed or open approach was utilized, the recovery may differ. A closed approach may lead to less swelling and bruising, but sometimes an open approach is necessary. Icing in the first 2-3 days is very important and often arnica and be utilized to help reduce bruising. Nasal saline spray is helpful during the healing to keep the nasal cavity moist. For persistent bruising, IPL (intense pulsed light) skin treatments can be performed to help accelerate the elimination of the bruising.