Undergoing a rhinoplasty or nose job procedure is very common around the world. American plastic surgery statistics indicate that in the last year alone, at least 223,000 rhinoplasties were performed. From celebrities to college age students, nasal reshaping is routinely done to help balance facial features. Rhinoplasty can be performed to improve a bump on the bridge, narrow a wide nose, or to refine the nasal tip. While there are several ways to accomplish these procedures, sophisticated techniques allow surgeons to perform this surgery via incisions inside the nose, therefore precluding an external scar. This type of approach is called an ‘endonasal’ rhinoplasty.

Performing an ‘endonasal’ rhinoplasty requires advanced surgical maneuvers to complete the operation entirely inside the nose. No external incisions are made, thus effectively concealing the fact a rhinoplasty was performed. Through the endonasal incisions, the tip cartilages can be shaped, the cartilage and bone of the bridge can be adjusted, and the septum can be adjusted, if necessary, to improve breathing. Every rhinoplasty is a balance between form and function, and proper practices are necessary to ensure that both are addressed. This safeguards nasal function when enacting changes in the nasal form. While not every patient is a candidate for an endonasal procedure, it can be an option for many depending on treatment goals.

Dermal filler injections to the nose or ‘nonsurgical rhinoplasty’ can also be performed in some patients to provide small but powerful changes to the nose. When a nonsurgical rhinoplasty is completed, the result is immediate with minimal to no downtime. Whether there is a bump on the bridge or an area of asymmetry, dermal fillers can serve to improve nasal contours. While these treatments are not permanent, they can be a helpful adjunct before an important event or to allow someone to ‘try out’ what a rhinoplasty would be able to provide.

While there is not one ‘perfect’ nose, an ideal nose strikes a balance with the other features of the face. Dr. Sand uses artistic and highly refined techniques to help you achieve your ideal nose. During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Sand will be able to discuss your options for nasal surgery, provide you with a rhinoplasty image simulation, and help you set treatment goals. Call (509-324-2980) or email ([email protected]) today to schedule your complimentary appointment!