Recent plastic surgery statistics demonstrate that excisional surgeries have increased 94% over the past 18 years while non/minimally invasive procedures have grown an astonishing 605% in that same time. Patients today demand the best aesthetic outcomes without the incisional work. Technology has rapidly advanced to provide incredible results without the need for scars or long periods of downtime. The FDA-approved FaceTite/BodyTite platform by Inmode is a leader in delivering these treatments.

FaceTIte for neck and lower face, minimal downtime with an impressive result (results may vary).

The FaceTite/BodyTite device is based on radiofrequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL) by coagulation of soft tissue. This technology is able to offer patients a surgical result without the need for a scalpel or scar. The procedure is accomplished by inserting an RFAL wand under the skin through a 16-guage access port. The wand coagulates subcutaneous fat while heating the skin’s fibrous septae and papillary dermis. This results in both fat loss and significant collagen contraction. Published clinical studies on the device demonstrate up to 40% skin contraction, resulting in an incredible skin-tightening and fat destroying result.

FaceTite may be performed on both men and women (results may vary).

During the treatment, electrical current is passed from the tip of the wand directly to the external electrode placed on the skin surface. Energy is then deposited in this treatment zone. This process creates an optimal temperature gradient between the cannula and the skin surface while the temperature is monitored at both ends. Uniform heating of the desired skin area during the surgical technique results in the fat coagulation and skin contraction. Additionally, the wand is built with several safety features to help to reduce risk of skin damage.

FaceTite handpiece heating the subcutaneous tissues while the surface probe monitors temperatures.

The procedure is accomplished under local anesthesia or with light sedation in a procedure-room setting. The total treatment session typically takes 2-3 hours. Post-procedure, the patient can go home and resume regular activities shortly thereafter. A compression garment is necessary to optimizing your result.

FaceTIte for neck and lower face; impressive results with minimal downtime (results may vary).

If you are bothered by your neck or jawline, Dr. Sand is the premier and exclusive provider of the FaceTite/BodyTite procedure in the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene region. Call (509-324-2980) or email ([email protected]) today to schedule your complimentary appointment!

FaceTite/BodyTite Treatment Animation